Horse Hotel

Five star Horse Hotel

Horse Hotel, Horse Logistic Center, Bed & Box – Stall Rosendahl Horsecenter can now offer you first class overnightstabling. Besides this, we are also acting as ”a logistic centre” for horses. So you can drop off a horse or more horses to Stall Rosendahl Horsecenter and we will take good care of the horses until the next transport picks them up.

Easy to go – we are located outside Linköping, Sweden, with very good connections from E4, highway, and it is easy to travel to other big citiies for example approximately 40 Swedish miles from Malmö, 30 Swedish miles from Göteborg, 25 Swedish miles to Stockholm, 4 Swedish miles to Norrköping, ”South” Sweden

white horse near green leaves

Trusting us and using us as a logistic centre where you could leave – and also pick up – you can save your own time when you don’t have to drive to so many different stables to leave and pick up horses. This way horses also get a proper rest during their trip

Logistik center
Leave & Pickup



  • overnightstabling
  • taking care of the horses between transports
  • feeding with quality hay
  • daily check of the horses
  • daily picture for the horse owner
  • access daily to a sand paddock
  • the boxes are cleaned with disinfectant after every visit
  • there is always hand sanitizer available.
  • excellent location near E4, highways
  • roomy boxes in a separate stable building
  • plenty of space for big vehicles
  • shower/toilet + free coffee for drivers
  • possibility for person accommodation

Övernattning vid tävling
Semester /Vacation

Övernattning vid tävling
Semester/ Vacation

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